Suspension of New Applications for 2017

To potential applicants in 2017:

The American Asthma Foundation will not be accepting grant applications for AAF Scholar Awards in 2017. All current grants will continue, and we hope that this suspension of new funding will be temporary.

Since 2000 the AAF has been supported primarily by one source, the Sandler Foundation, which has invested over $100 million in direct support of basic research in asthma. While other generous donors have supported the AAF throughout the years, attempts to raise sufficient funds on the scale needed to support the program for years to come have met with limited success. In the year ahead, we will seek additional major donors to partner with the Sandler Foundation to provide sustaining support for the AAF.

The AAF has been remarkably successful. As the largest non-governmental funder of asthma research, it has brought over 180 outstanding investigators to the study of asthma, almost all of whom were new to the field, and the majority of whom have continued to study asthma. AAF investigators have brought six new drugs to clinical trials and many more potential therapies into the pipeline. The AAF will continue to support the advancement of these potential therapies through Extension Awards to current and past AAF investigators.

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William E. Seaman, M.D.
Research Director
American Asthma Foundation

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